The World Consciousness Alliance Benevolence Awards

Every year the World Consciousness Alliance identifies luminary individuals, born of compassion and love, who exemplify a new Conscious Humanity, by selflessly engaging in benevolent initiatives, contributing to the betterment of society. These are the game changers and forward-thinkers of our times – entrepreneurs, artists, poets, musicians, founders, coordinators, visionary leaders and the like – wherever they may find themselves, have used their unique talents and platforms to impart the highest human values and become key catalysts for a more conscious world.
This year, we are pleased to announce two winners of the WCA Benevolence Awards from South America for their contributions to humanity through their arts.

Nidia Góngora (Colombia)

Nidia Góngora, from Colombia one of the most outstanding artists of the Colombian Pacific. She is a traditional singer, composer, cultural and community leader, , founder of the musical group and training project Canalón de Timbiquí, leading voice of the groups Ondatropica, Pacifica Power, and co-founder of the musical project Quantic and Nidia Góngora. Nominated for the Latin Grammy for best folk album in 2019, with her work she has managed to weave bridges between the traditional music of her land and other genres around the world.
Early Childhood Education, a singer and researcher on traditional music from the South Pacific. In her more than 15-year career as a composer and performer, she has managed to build bridges between the traditional music of her native Timbiquí and other genres such as electronic music, together with DJ Quantic.
For ten years, Góngora has been conducting musical training with children in rural and urban areas of Cauca and Valle del Cauca through the Canalón School Foundation. In her native Timbiquí, she is considered a social leader, a speaker of social and economic dissatisfactions – closely related to violence and illegal mining in the area – and a transmitter of her traditions, her music and her ancestral knowledge. In addition, Nidia is lauded for her advocacy of female artists within the Colombian music industry. Nidia’s band is breaking cultural stereotypes, placing women at the fore.
In an interview with Bocas magazine, Góngora spoke about her foundation and the role that art has played in helping young people from the most vulnerable populations: “The objective is to transform the lives of the young people of the Canalón School Foundation, where we protect sectors vulnerable in Cali where there are boys who are exposed to the cruelty of the street, to the cruelty of this society. So, there I am being a facilitator, as a guardian, of how to help these boys to guide their lives from dignity through art ”.
We are honored and excited to announce Nidia Gongora as one of the WCA Benevolence Awards winners in 2021 for her selfless service to her community and the world through her music and efforts.


Ricardo Williams was born in 1961, in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. He is happily married and a father of three children. He has published around 50 CDs and 500 songs.
His musical career has two periods. He started as a rock/pop musician in 1990, but around the year 2000 he renounced his career and sold the guitar, thinking the music world was behind him. However, in 2002 he composed his first song for children, a prayer for the guardian angel. Luckily, the entire CD followed soon and it was clear that a new path was in front of him. Since then, he has been vigorously composing children’s songs with the purpose of making the lives of the little ones and this world a better place. His songs talk about prevention of child abuse, reconnecting to the nature, positive values, and they provide emotional comfort to both kids and adults. Among his song titles are: “Teach me to say NO”, “Less People and More Humans”, “Time of Light”, “Mother Earth”, “Peace Boat”, “NO to Bullying”…. He has also been involved in public social campaigns for the prevention of alcohol abuse, violence, unwanted pregnancy and contamination. He talks about the need of present times to go back to our homes, into our hearts, to the true Love that we all are.
In his own words:
“My lyrics are different aspects of this quest to become a better person. I believe that we as human beings can decide whether to walk towards light or dark. We can carry the same wounds all our life, or we can heal them, and music is a perfect tool for that.”
“As parents it is very easy to fail in educating our children and modeling them into what we’d like them to become, without respecting their essence. But it is a lot better to accompany them through life in discovering who they truly are.”
“Entertained and distracted, dangerously distracted from the things that really matter on the path… we are further and further away from our home, from love, from the heart. And we need to start the journey back.”
Apart from children’s music, nowadays he is active in a campaign on raising awareness on proper way of breathing (as a reaction to Covid pandemic).

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