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Uplifting Humanity, Inspiring Benevolence, Promoting Harmony

We are the World Consciousness Alliance ( WCA ): A global movement of volunteers from all walks of life working together to raise the frequency of our existence on this planet. Through the medium of the Performing and Visual Arts, we are bringing about a positive transformation in societies across the globe, promoting respect, harmony, compassion, responsible living, and love.
We believe there is a moral imperative of refining our human existence by expressing the highest values that all religions and cultures hold dear envisioning a world where diversity is celebrated and people respect themselves and others; a world where wisdom is valued and elders are revered; a world with a global society based upon kindness, compassion, unconditional love, selflessness, purity of thought, word and deed; and a world where humanity treasures all life forms and becomes responsible stewards of our Mother Earth. Just imagine how beautiful the world will be, if humanity operates from a level of love and kindness!


We are a global charity community which operates in a growing number of countries across all five continents of the world.
ACT works to serve humanity, help the helpless, give dignity to the poor and opportunities to the less fortunate.
Our mission is to provide care for the less fortunate, alleviate all forms of poverty and protect the environment through direct action, education and empowerment.
Ammucare Charitable Trust (ACT), was founded by Mohanji, in 2003 in honor of his daughter Ammu, who passed away at the age of four, in a tragic road accident.
We are a worldwide movement caring for all life on earth, transcending all man-made barriers of race, class, gender, religion, politics and species. Our Vision is to create a better world through loving and selfless service that uplifts and transforms both the giver and the receiver.
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Our Past Events

Festival of Arts for Peace, DC

Nov 11 , 2020

Our first event organized under the World Consciousness Alliance banner by our President, Andra Baylus, was held in DC on Sunday Nov 11 at the Busboys and Poets. There were many diverse performances that capped this wonderful event:

WCA Benevolence Award


World Consciousness Alliance presented our first WCA Benevolence Award™ in 2019 to Prof. P.S Perkins for Raising Consciousness Through… Language in the Arts.

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